I had planned to put up a Pin of the Day.

But one pin led me to another pin and another … and you really can’t have enough bour­bon, right?

And marsh­mal­lows?

And since I’ve been a lit­tle lax with the Pin of the Day lately, you, dear read­ers, get a col­lec­tion of pins.

A pin­topia, if you will.


It all started with the “the Irish­man” that I’m sip­ping on … a latte with Irish cream liqueur … what did you think I meant?

I’m sit­ting in Vint cof­fee on Frank­fort Avenue in Louisville, surf­ing Pinterest.

You know — gen­er­ally being productive.

photo (96)

And in the St. Patrick’s Day mood, this pin for Guin­ness and bour­bon marsh­mal­lows, cour­tesy of Bour­bon and Boots, caught my eye.

The $22.50 “Irish car bomb” pack comes with two Guin­ness marsh­mal­low packs and one bour­bon marsh­mal­low pack.

I like Guin­ness. I like bour­bon. I like marsh­mal­lows. So fol­low­ing through with the logic, these are amaz­ing TIMES THREE!


But that made me won­der: Could a DIY option be found?

So I con­sulted the great Pin­ter­est pow­ers that be and down the rab­bit hole I went.

First I came across this pin for Guineess marsh­mal­lows from Blondie’s Cakes and Things.

I had never really thought about the beer and marsh­mal­low com­bi­na­tion, but mix­ing a creamy beer like Guin­ness with marshmallow-y good­ness could prove for­tu­itous. The salti­ness of pret­zels is also a good touch.

PicShells (2)

Then I found this pin for bour­bon marsh­mal­lows from Whisk(y): Cook­ing with Bour­bon, which may be one of the best names and ideas for a blog.

Whisk(y) adapted the recipe from one found in Fine Liv­ing, and it gen­er­ally doesn’t look too difficult.

PicShells (1)

But why stop there?

If alco­hol plus marsh­mal­lows equal good things, why not mix them with other equally yummy things?

And the next, most log­i­cal choices: bacon and chocolate!

I know — you were think­ing this too, right?

How Sweet It Is has a recipe for bacon marsh­mal­low s’mores — a break­fast food, no less.

And Scone­mas­ters has a post explain­ing how to make bacon bour­bon marsh­mal­low caramel bark.

When four ingre­di­ents are good enough to list in the title, you know it’s prob­a­bly pretty good.

PicShells (3)

As with other Pins of the Day, I have not per­son­ally tried the projects listed but thought they were inter­est­ing enough to pass along.

If you do try them, let me know how it goes.

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