Getting the new IKEA cat­a­log in the mail is like when I would get the Sears Wish Book in the mail when I was a kid.

Except now instead of Bar­bie Dream­houses, I’m cov­et­ing the dream houses man­u­fac­tured out of Ektorp sofas, Malm dressers and Billy book­cases.

And it was in these dream houses in the new cat­a­log where some fun design ideas are shown.

Sure, any­body can buy a “Sand­backa red” Stock­holm sofa, plop it down in the mid­dle of their liv­ing room and call them­selves avant-garde, but more than that, I like see­ing how IKEA uses its fur­ni­ture and items in its arrangements.

Here are some ideas that stuck out to me.


Work lamps in non-work spaces

Desk lights and smaller lamps kept pop­ping up on top of shelves and book­cases — in places where you wouldn’t expect need­ing this bit of light.

But I like it. I think it adds a sense of close­ness and intimacy.




Chair mix up

IKEA is not the first one to think of this idea — or really any of these ideas — but espe­cially when mix­ing up chairs around din­ing tables, the min­i­mal­ist IKEA seats just look too darn pretty.




Fun with fabric

I was thrilled when I first real­ized that IKEA also sells some of its fab­ric by the yard.

If only I had a bot­tom­less wal­let with which to buy it all.

But per­haps with their fab­ric more than any­thing the pos­si­bil­i­ties are endless.

For exam­ple, you could use it as remov­able wall­pa­per. (Apart­ment Ther­apy has an espe­cially good tuto­r­ial on how to do this using fab­ric starch.)


Hang a panel behind a bed.


Or hang it over a bed.


Other ideas

I also love the idea of hang­ing clip­boards on a wall. I do this in my office, and it’s espe­cially help­ful when you want to have sev­eral pieces of paper at arm’s length but don’t have room for a bul­letin board.


Use cur­tains to cre­ate a nook around a sofa or loveseat.


Use tiles in the kitchen as a make-shift whiteboard.


I want IKEA to open a store in Louisville so I can trans­port myself inside one of these Scan­di­na­vian, sun-filled, per­fectly styl­ized abodes.

But until then — and until I can make the two-hour trek to the clos­est IKEA and until I get lots of money to buy all the things — I’ll have to take some cues from the cat­a­log and fill in the gaps.

Have you seen any­thing in the cat­a­log you’re hop­ing to make work in your home?


These pho­tos are used with IKEA’s per­mis­sion. IKEA is not pay­ing me for this post. All opin­ions are 100 per­cent mine.

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  1. Fun ideas! Espe­cially love their mix & match chairs.
    Kirsten Mur­ray recently posted…A Per­fect Coun­try Morn­ingMy Profile

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